Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lisbon 2008

I only spent 1 full day in Lisbon. Well it is too short. But I had no choice. I planned to spend 2 days and 2 nights there. But the stupid VUELING AIRLINES!!!! Remember tis, VUELING AIRLINES. Remember VUELING AIRLINES from Spain.

Well we booked a flight from Madrid to Lisbon at 8.40am. An email was sent to us about weeks before the flight that it will be brought forward to 6.40am. This timing sucks. Sort of wasted one night's accommodation in Madrid because we had to be at the airport by 4.40am and the train doesn't operated 24 hrs. Therefore we had to take the last train to the airport = we reached at 12am.

So we waited 4 damned hours. We even self checked in at the automatic counter. So we waited and waited. No signs of which gate the flight will be. So we waited again. Then we realised something must be wrong when it was about 5am. We went to the counter and they told us it was cancelled. Thank you very much Vueling. Thanks for informing way before hand about the cancellation. FUCK!

A few issues here.

1. We received a reminder email of the flight just the night before, kinda makes you think that the flight was still on schedule

2. We were compensated with food vouchers that can be used "anywhere" in the airport, as long as it is partnered with Vueling. We thought we could eat anything we liked, but we were forced into eating others. BAD BAD SERVICE. You are in the wrong Vueling, the only right thing you should do is to please your customers, not just a simple apology email.

3. It destroyed all our plans.

4. Obviously they knew that the flight had been cancelled before hand. So, why not inform the customers about it? There could have been a sign to inform. There could be an announcement. They could email. They could call!!! WHY THE FUCK DO YOU WANT OUR CONTACT NUMBERS WHEN YOU DON'T EVEN USE IT FOR THIS? Obviously, the collection of such personal information is for other purposes, perhaps to sell it to other companies? I'm not sure.

I don't like the service of Vueling. BAD.
This kind of service just makes passengers lose confidence in budget airlines.
Kind of sad though because there are many other better budget airlines around.
So I went to Lisbon, spent only 1 full day there, after being stranded in Madrid for 15 bloody hours, the next flight was at 9.15pm. Happened that I was in Lisbon on a Sunday. Most shops are closed. Not very exciting. But Lisbon is a beautiful city =)

Lisbon 2008 (Part 2)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Granada 2008

Alright. It has been some time now. Sorry for the delay. Been playing so much, and of course planning too. Alright, I'm sure you're now wondering what next. Ya, I know you miss me. Next up, my trip to Granada, right after Barcelona.

Granada is a nice little place full of orange trees, and I really mean orange trees. When I first read "Let's Go Europe", I thought when they said orange trees lining the streets, they meant orange-coloured trees. When I'm there, I saw the real oranges right on the trees. Well, it was also very hot. The summer in Spain is INSANE. Nice rhyme huh?

So much so that the shops close in the afternoon, something like closed from 2pm to 5pm. That's bloody ridiculous. Then where do the tourists go? It's like wtf??? You expect me to go sunbathe in the bloody street, smelly the fragrance of the oranges? I'll turn into a roast pig, a real one.

So they expect the tourist to go back to the hotel and sleep. That's what I did. Because its was damn fucking hot, to the point of melting point. Rhyme again.

Granada 2008 (Part 2)

Opposite the Ahlambra. Nice view of the city and the palace =)

Clara's feet. Silky Smooth.

Granada 2008 (Part 3)

Testing my w300. I love that I can set the shuttle speed and aperture for this Compact digicam. Then I can take shots like this.

Doesn't she just love water?

Has anyone told him that he's cute?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Barcelona 2008

Clara cannot resist a little sweet here =)

Such a lively market in the middle of the city in Barcelona. Interesting place. But tmd. We bought this packed fruits at this bloody market for 1 euro, and found out that it was CHAO SNG ONE!!!!! F*CK! too bad. next time if anyone goes here, please check to see if the fruits have turned bad. They sell it at 1 euro simply cos it has been there for the better part of the day.

Nice candies. It makes the market so colourful. I just love the colours. I'm sure you love it too.

More candies!

See how amazed I was?

Monday, September 08, 2008

Luggage dragging first day in Copenhagen

We arrived on the 24th of July. Okok, I know it's a bit back dated, but better than nothing right?
Been busy enjoying myself here man. Yup as I said, I arrived here on the 24th, but i flew off to have fun in Spain, Portugal and Italy before coming back for the Danish Crash course on the 18 of August. I will post the trip photos later on.

Now you may ask, why the F*ck did I learn Danish. 1st, it could let me clear a freaking module in 5 days. Only a fool would not want that, RIGHT? FOOL! 2nd, after I went for the class, I made a few friends, which I definitely will keep fora long time. Real, true, sincere friends. More about that later!

Ok dudes, I miss you guys back home and I have not forgotten you guys. Yes, you! Reading my blog right now. I know you miss me too. Whoever doesn't read my blog, too bad. Since you don't miss me, I don't miss you too.

I miss my family too, turning a bit emo now. Yes, but I'm enjoying my time here as well at the same time. Mixed feelings man. Alright a few photos on the first day I reach.

Gotta lug those heavy luggage (about 90kg in total) with Clara to school. But worth it, cos we didn't need to pay for any luggage deposit anywhere. The International Office in Copenhagen Business School allowed us to leave our luggage there. Nice, really nice people in Denmark, and the International Office. You just have to pretend to look lost on the streets (or just accidentally), some stranger will ask you if you need help. Well, so far I've met 3 Danish like that, and all 3 occassions I didn't need help. And in 24 freaking years in Singapore, NO SINGLE ONE asked if I needed help with directions, especially when I needed it. Well, we still have a long way to go man.

The Danes are really freindly and helpful people, generally. Of course, if you want trouble, you can find it. But it is a safe place here, that's one reason why I love this place.

Oh, digress again, as I was saying, the luggage were no joke. We sort of lost our way, going to the International Office and were lugging the luggage aimlessly, until someone showed us how to get to the Int Office. After that, my arms were almost gone.

But all worth it. We went to Barcelona the next day. Alright. Tired liao, will post again. Had this birthday gathering last week with Seppi, an Austrian I knew here. More about that, and cooking to share. Laters!

Gotta thank dear Wan Shan as well for helping us with accommodation. Without her help, we wouldn't have been able to find a place so soon at Kasper's place. Kasper coincidentally went to Singapore for his exchange. =)

A few pictures of the first day.

On our way to our Exchange in Copenhagen Business School, Denmark (for those idiots who dunno where Copenhagen is)

Getting all excited and ready to go!
Terminal 3 is damn nice. We can take the sky train to get to our gate, which is cool cos otherwise we'll spend hours on the travelator or whatever you call that shit.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Over-due announcement! I LOVE FOOD


And I've put on extra weight of about 6-7kg in the last 3 years, averaging 2kg/year.
At this rate, people will mistake me for moses lim in about 10 years.
But YA, I love food.
Clara also loves food. Think cos of me.
But I think I love food cos of her.
Now I'm confused.
Don't care la, eat first think later.

My New Camera

HELLO!!!! Long time no see. Sorry cos got no time. SMU is like that.

This is my new camera and because of this new toy, I'm motivated to once again get my blog going. Please support k? I will take many many photos let you see =)

Excited, excited. Going to Denmark for exchange soon! =)

Sunday, December 04, 2005

exams finish

finally finish liao...
everyday in school pia study...pia until now i also peng already...feel very lethargic...wanna play also no ENERGY...but at least i've gotten rid of some TENSION...but i still dun like 5566...i prefer 五月天 and 南拳妈妈...
finish...dunno wat to do...went for steamboat at amsmelia's house with my class no mood like that...i think i'm just pretty exhausted liao that's why...then play mahjong...check comms results...vagen's got A-...i'm quite happy liao la...not too bad...i was expected a i'm satisfied..but that clara also got A-..i dunno how come la...weird...susheela a bit off la...obviously she did betta than me but the grade class gang did pretty no one's exceptionally unhappy...
then after that...we Circle experience a circle...we didn't know wat to movie no one wanna the end...circleX until about one hour...then david clara and i went watch movie...chicken little...damn funny show...the kerbie is damn cute...
saturday go out with LTB group..go marche until damn full...then after that go the starbucks at liat there to drink kopi...and hear dickson talk about nose twitching and nipple twitching...siao this kind of stunt...
then go play pool become damn lousy liao..but at least i still can hold the cue...last time play at least twice a wk now also nv play liao...the balls don't even look familiar to me...
Chicken little's initials are very nice.... C. right? check this out....C.L....


Monday, November 21, 2005

examS MUst study

ppl say singapore got one one season...summer...i don't believe.
there're actually many many season in singapore...more than the ang moh countries...they only got four...we have so many...

we have festive season...mating season...four seasons hotel...season parking...bla bla bla and of cos...exams season...this one everyone also know...since primary school small small that time already all know childhood fears always stick with you no matter how old you grow? and EXAM is a fear. So next time you talk to one senior citizen...see him/her old old...(almost there that kind) pls don't talk about exam...otherwise you'll take them "there" earlier only...heart attack...

SMU exam coming liao...we got one week break...nice ryt? got holiday...of cos nice...i still remember last time sec sch everytime holiday sure got camp here camp there one...i never expect SMU to also have...very fun...everyone camp in school to my ass...all one by one stay until damn late....1am still got ppl down here...not hanky panky...not wank at the porn STUDY...all seow4 one....smu is so different.... study rooms everywhere...but you wanna try your luck to get one vacant one so you can study? FORGET point wasting time....might as well go grow durian tree and wait for durian that more meaningful...HAVE TO BOOK go vacation like that...must book hotel room...wah and then you think you wanna book sure have...FUCK such wanna already find out other ppl book long long time ago WTF??? about this i sian already...let's talk about something else...i dunno why some bloggers damn stupid...they know somethings theyliao sure kena mark then they still say...not say i want to say but i still have to say...STUPID!...sensitive issues cannot talk about one...why must jeopardise the harmonious environment we have now? singapore how nice? got orchard road can go New national library can go check out season parking and park for one season...then not so long from now we will have integrated resort!!!!! how happening ryt?! nice...then we got the every weekend sunday soccer with the uncles...and also got SMU in town can use the GSR (group sex rooms)...nice very nice...singapore is safe and harmonious...why unsettle singapore? these ppl are just stupid...

everyone in smu is very practical one...ta ma tell them help me do this one do for do charity set up booth? nobody go....5thousand ppl walk stop by...damn must have prize then they will stop by...and prize is not that kind kinder bueno or kit kat...they don't want....must give ipod nano!... wah damn high maintenance...dunno wat lanjiao...i think you give ipod shuffle also they don't want..they say' gimme ipod nano...if not forget it'...pageant also need to give ipod nano then ppl wanna join... AIDS talk also must give nano then ppl will attend...even then...not many attend also..make that vernetta lopez tulan only...dun so pragmatic can? singaporeans are compassionate also ok!!!!????so pls live by it...singaporeans also very passionate one...that's why birth rate falling...hahahahaha...

ok exams season...pls dont show this to your ah gong or ah ma...i scared will have adverse effects... i betta go back to mugging...SMUgger UNIVERSITY....